Vatican Museums to Require COVID “Green Pass” for Entry

The Vatican Museums is aligning with Italy’s new coronavirus rules and will now require a COVID “Green Pass” for all visitors.

The Green Pass is an EU-wide scheme that certifies that the bearer:

  1. is vaccinated
  2. has tested negative for COVID within the previous 48 hours OR
  3. has proof of recovery from COVID within the last six months

The rule will come into effect on 6 August 2021and remain in effect until further notice. It applies to all reservations, even those that were made before the rule was announced by the Vatican on 29 July.

The museums have also stated that they may request ID in order to confirm “actual ownership” of the Green Pass.

The EU Green Pass is a digital certificate that can be downloaded as a QR code. Italy has announced that it will be required to visit any cultural sites, gyms, theaters, etc, and required for indoor dining. The Vatican Museums are simply aligning with these guidelines even though the Vatican City functions like its own country.

You can find more information on the Green Pass at the EU site (in English) or via the official Italian government site (in Italian).

If you were not vaccinated in the EU, you can bring your country’s own proof of vaccination. For the case of Americans, the CDC card (with your official ID) is currently accepted.

If you are opting to have a test, you can request the QR code at the pharmacy when you test negative.

If you are showing proof of recovery, this can only be in the form of an official letter from your medical provider.